• REGARD about FashionDrug

    It's said how you begin the year that's how also it continues.

    This year begins with special surprise for us. We were presented in one of the world's most popular magazines - REGARD, which presents the most magnificent and fascinating aspects of fashion and lifestyle to begin with 2010.

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  • Forbes about FashionDrug & Alisia Enco

    After meeting Alisia Enco in Moscow during fashion exhibition the two designers Anahit and Alisia decided to cooperate and launch a new collection together.

    Fashion collaboration of 2 European contemporary brands created an amazing collection of brooches which was quite successful.

    And after this success Forbes decided to write about this.

    Check the link below and see the article.

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  • Collaboration with Alisia Enco

    FashionDrug Accessories collaborated with Alisia Enco to launch a new collection of brooches which have been crafted by using the Romanian traditional symbols.

    There have been used the colors and unique pattern of Romania.

    The brooches were made in limited addition and are matched with stylish blouses of Alisia Enco.

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  • Papiers d’Armenie's interview with Anahit Ghazaryan

    Team of Papiers d’Armenie came to explore Armenia.

    As they met and liked Anahit Ghazaryan they had an interview with Anahit Ghazaryan about her work, her passion to fashion, her experiences and family and published in their site.

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  • Lauren Parker about FashionDrug

    On 2017’s Summer FashionDrug Accessories participated Project Womens exhibition in Las Vegas which gave FashionDrug a lot of new acquaintances.

    After the exhibition UBM’s buyer Lauren Parker was so impressed with FashionDrug and the designer Anahit Ghazaryan that she wrote about her in the blog.

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