For every brand, company or even a single businessman, partners are one of the most important bases of his business that he relays on. FashionDrug is not an exception, or maybe it is, but in a way of making so many valuable partners during its short existence.

Being founded in 2015 FashionDrug brand has managed not only to establish and approve itself as a premium class brand, but also accomplished strong representativeness both in domestic and international markets.

During last 2 years we hold very active sales in Armenia and CIS, Europe and USA, Persian Gulf countries. At the moment we have over 15 premium and luxury class sales points only in Yerevan, over 20 sales points in Moscow and Russia, 30 in Europe and USA.

Besides sales points, our customers can always shop directly from our e-shops for each region.

We have stocks in different regions so, as to organize fast and convenient shipping to our partners and customers all over the world and we are always open for new markets and partnership opportunities.

Fashion Drug