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It's said how you begin the year that's how also it continues. This year begins with special surprise for us. We were presented in one of the world's most popular magazines - REGARD, which presents the most magnificent and fascinating aspects of fashion and lifestyle to begin with 2010.

During 9 years it cooperated with many new-born stars of fashion and acting industry and gave a new breath to today's fashion media.

We are of honor to be at the pages of January 2019 edition among the world popular brands. FashionDrug is shown as a mere inspiration of the designer, which tends to create a romantic and charming image of a woman.

In the magazine the brooches were contrasted with the simple outfits of the models to show the whole image of a modern woman and fashion tendencies tending to prove that: "Fashion is in details".

We hope that our representation in this and other amazing fashion magazines will have its continuation in the near future.  - Regard magazine 2019 January Edition

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